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Perez & Holderman was founded with the philosophy of providing clients with superior investigative services at flat, reasonable rates. Our goal is to obtain the documentation necessary to assist your company with detecting possible acts of insurance fraud. We respect the ethics and good name of our clients along with the Constitutional Rights of the subjects under investigation. Perez & Holderman utilizes the investigative talent of their employees, no sub-contractors are ever used.


Perez & Holderman is currently licensed and insured to handle all of your investigative needs within the State of Florida. Honesty, respect, and integrity are what our clients can expect from us here at Perez & Holderman on every case, every day. Call or e-mail us today to have a representative provide your company with a free presentation as to what we can do for you. With insurance fraud being a multi-billion dollar a year problem, you cannot afford not to!

We need help with a possible fraudulent insurance claim, can Perez & Holderman get the information we need?

At Perez & Holderman, LLC. every investigation we conduct is precisely what you need for efficient claims management:

  • Accurate

  • Factual

  • Complete

And, most importantly, unbiased. What we bring to the scene of every investigation is experience, expertise and an independent viewpoint free from conflict of interest issues. What we bring to you is a report that is thorough, concise and completely objective -- and a level of quality and service that is, quite simply, matchless.



  • Cell phone Search
  • Licensed Drivers
  • Name and Address
  • News/Media Search
  • Possible Relatives
  • Possible Roommates
  • Professional License
  • Telephone Searches
  • SSN Search


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